Beach Bonfires to Ballet

The new reality of being able to work anywhere means you should definitely put Ketchikan, Alaska on your radar.

The reality of choosing Ketchikan is that our famed town, mostly known by millions for it’s cruises, is decidedly not what you thought it might be.

We’re actually home to state-of-the-art fiber optic technology, world renowned artists, and a funky vibe that truly transcends a lot of those other communities clamoring for your laptop.

Ketchikan is a quietly proud place, but we’re not quiet about being friends.

Quite simply, you have to try really, really hard to be anonymous in Ketchikan. Sure you might be there with your laptop, but you’re going to have 15 conversations with the people around you. Forget your credit card? Likely the store keeper will say–it’s okay. Come back.

We know you.

Welcome to Ketchikan.

From beach bonfires to ballet and breweries to kayaking–you’ll be astounded by our town.

Ketchikan is just 90 minutes from Seattle on Alaska Airlines. You can comfortably be part of our community in less time than it takes to make many big city commutes.

Enjoy the freedom of millions of acres of forest in your backyard, all while taking part in a community that immediately welcomes you.

Feel like you want to give Ketchikan a try? Great! Apply to be chosen for a curated workation, and we’ll show you why Ketchikan, Alaska, should be at the top of your list of places to experience.

Beware though, many have visited and most have stayed.

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