Work with a View: Ketchikan’s Cafes, Restaurants, and Workspaces

Remote work has given us the freedom to choose our office, and what better place to set up your laptop than Ketchikan, Alaska? With its breathtaking natural beauty and a thriving remote work culture, Ketchikan offers an unparalleled remote work experience. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cafes and workspaces where you can work with a view that will leave you inspired.

Ketchikan is not only known for its stunning landscapes, but it also offers a variety of cozy cafes and unique workspaces for remote professionals looking to balance work and the beauty of Alaska.

Alaska Crepe Co. 625 Mission St.
Alaska Crepe Co. offers a delightful blend of sweet and savory crepes in a cozy setting. Enjoy the bustle of downtown near Creek Street while you indulge your taste buds and accomplish your tasks.

The Eagle’s Nest
800 Venetia Ave.
 The Eagle’s Nest, a recently opened pizza restaurant, offers a unique remote work experience. Perched on a hillside, it provides breathtaking views of the waterfront and surrounding islands. Their patio seating allows you to soak in the natural beauty while you work. The combination of delicious pizza and a serene setting makes it a unique remote work location.

The Ketch 325 4871 N. Tongass Hwy
The Ketch, formerly known as Edgewater Inn, provides a peaceful and scenic environment. Overlooking Ketchikan’s beautiful Tongass Narrows waterfront, it’s peaceful views are a delight while enjoying your meal and knocking off some of your to-do list.

The Landing Restaurant & Jeremiah’s Pub
3434 Tongass Ave.
The Landing Restaurant and Jeremiah’s Pub are a dynamic duo. With a spacious interior and large windows that provide a panoramic view of the Tongass Narrows, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks while staying productive. The pub’s cozy atmosphere and the restaurant’s fine dining options make it a versatile workspace.

Pilothouse Coffee 2106 Tongass Ave.
Pilothouse Coffee is a charming coffee shop with large windows that provide plenty of natural light to sip on your favorite brew while you work. This quiet gem also has dedicated workspaces and temp offices available to rent.

Sweet Mermaids 340 Front St.
Sweet Mermaids is a delightful bakery and cafe where you can enjoy scrumptious treats while working. Their large windows provide a view of the charming streets of downtown Ketchikan, making it an inviting place for remote work.

Theses are just some of the many great restaurants, cafes, and workspaces Ketchikan has to offer. They provide an ideal setting to be productive but also offer the awe-inspiring backdrop of Alaska’s natural wonders. Whether you prefer the quietude of a coffee shop or the structure of a dedicated coworking space, you’ll find the perfect spot to work with a view in this Alaskan gem.

So, if you’re a remote worker seeking a change of scenery, consider Ketchikan, Alaska, as your next remote work destination. It’s a place where you can blend work with the unmatched beauty of the Last Frontier.

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