Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is remote work, anyway?

Choose Ketchikan is designed for individuals who have full-time remote employment with a company outside of Alaska. The term “remote employment” means that you do not have to physically travel to your place of work on a daily basis. For Choose Ketchikan members, that means you’re working for a company located outside of Alaska. Often, this is referred to as “working from home” or “telecommuting.”

However, the bonus of Ketchikan is that should you need to visit your physical office, you’re just 90 minutes away with Alaska Airlines.

Why would I want to work in Ketchikan remotely?

Can you work from anywhere? Ketchikan is an ideal choice with our close proximity to Seattle – only 90 minutes direct with Alaska Airlines! Ketchikan has also recently dropped a deep-sea fiber optic cable keeping you connected with high speeds and accessibility. Combine this with our state-of-the-art, newly-built cellular tower networks, Ketchikan is a great choice for remote workers who need to stay connected and take care of business anywhere, anytime.

When did Choose Ketchikan begin?

Choose Ketchikan launched in November 2021 in an effort to recruit a diverse group of talented professionals across multiple industries to relocate and be a part of our vibrant and growing community.

How are applicants selected?

The Ketchikan Chamber Remote Team reviews new applications at the beginning of each month. If you’re a monthly finalist, we’ll set up a video interview! If you’re qualified and highly motivated, we may extend an invitation to you for an amazing, locally-curated, four-day Ketchikan experience! 

How do I know If I’m the ideal person for this adventure?

The ideal candidate for Choose Ketchikan is a fully-employed person with the flexibility to work remotely. Someone who does not currently reside in Alaska nor work for a company based in Alaska. Our ideal candidate or family is looking to explore the idea of calling Ketchikan their home long-term.

Other communities have huge cash incentives, what does Ketchikan offer?

Finalists will be invited to visit Ketchikan for a semi-gratis long weekend “workation” where you’ll experience the community, culture, and explore co-working spaces all on our dime. You’ll learn more about our vibrant community assets such as education, healthcare, technology, the arts, and housing.

Visiting finalists will be matched with community members who are available to offer their expertise in these areas in order to better answer questions.

While Choose Ketchikan does not currently offer large cash incentives up front, we do offer generous discounts from Alaska Airlines, and reimbursement for certain expenses such as airfare should you Choose Ketchikan and make it your home.

Is the Ketchikan Chamber promoting community jobs to the people who apply?

Not necessarily. Choose Ketchikan is intended for individuals who are already employed outside of Alaska and can work remotely should you choose to relocate here.

However, if you are interested in moving to our great community, we can offer employment information with our member partners if you wish.

I’m really interested, what if I want to bring my whole household?

Bring them! Any individual who meets the eligibility criteria is welcome to apply, even if they are members of the same family or have a relationship with one another.

For our application, all domestic partners/family members must apply under the same application. (Just choose your “Team Captain”, and we’ll go from there)

If you are chosen for a video interview, we want to meet you all!

I don’t currently work remotely, but I can transition to remote work in my current role. Can I apply?

Yes. Any individual who is able to work remotely may apply. For applicants that need to transition to remote work from a non-remote position, the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce will require confirmation that you are able to work remotely in order to be considered for our “Workation.”

Don’t need a special visit? We can help set up your transition to Ketchikan with our partners anytime!

I work remotely for an Alaska-based company. Do I still qualify?

No. Choose Ketchikan is intended for individuals who work remotely for an organization that is not based in Alaska.

Are there any age restrictions to apply for the Choose Ketchikan program?

Individuals must be at least 18 years of age to apply with verifiable employment of at least one year.

Can I apply if I’m not a US citizen?

Individuals from outside the U.S. are eligible to apply, so long as they are permanent residents who possess a green card. The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and Choose Ketchikan are not able to aid in the acquisition or approval of such credentials (work visas, etc.).

If selected for the program, do I have to live in Ketchikan?

Yes! And we also ask, but not require, our participants to join our growing community of remote workers to tell us their Ketchikan story of getting involved!

Whether it be community service, arts, or any of the myriad of things happening, we ask that you share your success stories with us.

I’ve never been to Ketchikan and want to visit before I make the move. What are my options?

Of course, we’d always love to have you!  Whether you are scheduling an individual exploration of our community, or you are a Finalist, the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce is here to help you make the best of your experience.

If selected for the program, how soon can I move?

We require that selected participants move within 12 months of being accepted and completing the required verification steps. You’ll also be able to indicate your ideal time to arrive in our program application.

Can I apply if I’m already in the process of buying a house/signing a lease in Ketchikan?

Unfortunately, no. But if you contact the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce, we’ll help you with anything you need to be totally connected and involved in the community.

So, will you assist me with housing?

We help you connect with highly qualified Realtor Chamber members who can show you a great rental or home to purchase.