Fashion Week in Ketchikan…
Yep, We Have That Too!

Who would have ever thought of fashion and Ketchikan, Alaska in the same sentence?

Admittedly, most of us Ketchikan folks are quite happy in our XtraTufs and rain gear most of the time, except for one week out of the year when there are ZERO rules.

Welcome to Ketchikan!

For the past 36 years, Ketchikan has come out in force for the Wearable Arts Show.  This premier community event, put on by the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council, features everything from couture to some of the most creative takes on outfits that you could never begin to imagine.

Hundreds of talented local creatives spend hours designing elaborate costumes. Regular people (yes, it could be you!) create and model these amazing creations while traipsing down a 150 foot runway in front of sold out crowds of adoring fans.

Ketchikan’s “Fashion Week” is every bit as quirky as Ketchikan, with outfits featuring everything from tin cans and playing cards to hand woven silk fabric. Models, both young and old, strut down the runway in abandon just as they have done for the past 36 years.

Check out last year’s Covid-friendly sneak peek produced by our nationally award-winning KPUtv.

Few in town escape this call to this unique version of fame.

Craving your own part of the limelight with a walk down the runway?  Anyone is welcome!

That’s Ketchilkan. And it could be you, too.

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