Winter in Ketchikan
Predictably Unpredictable & Artsy

“Predictably unpredictable.” Yep, that’s Ketchikan pretty much all the time, but especially so during the winter months.  Some say it’s “quiet,” we say it’s loud–just inside. No need to use your inside voice here, by the way. It’s also really NOT quiet when the wind is howling and the rain is so sideways you wonder how it’s actually making it to the ground.

Every week is packed with a dizzying array of events that are, well, decidedly awesome.

From the Wearable Arts Show to our Jazz Cabaret, the Story Slams open mic night on Sundays, Museums at Midday, and the plethora of other activities–Ketchikan folks dodge the weather and hunker into their annual rhythm of Arts.

In the winter, Ketchikan creates. Ketchikan performs. Ketchikan attends. It’s a veritable bounty of events! As locals will often say, “You can try to do it all in a weekend, but you might die trying!” All. Winter. Long.

Boredom is not in our vocabulary!

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