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Why there has never been a better time to Choose Ketchikan!

Nowadays, it seems like every place on Earth is beckoning you to come and work remotely. It’s a crowded field of locations wanting you to come and experience their locales.

Ketchikan, Alaska, is just uniquely different from those other places.

Listen, we totally get it. Home can be anywhere you choose, er, if there’s a great internet connection. Read further for more details, but first let’s start with the basics:

Ketchikan, Alaska has been social distancing since before that term became the norm. That’s one of the number one reasons why we are so cool.

But, we’ve also just laid a fiber optic undersea cable that ensures our entire island has one of the best internet connections in the WORLD. Literally, we don’t like to brag so much, but it’s true. Gig tech at your fingertips with fiber to your home at 99% of Ketchikan residences

And if you REALLY have to go to the office….well, we’re just an hour and a half flight from Seattle on Alaska Airlines. (How much time did you used to spend on your regular daily commute? Here, our daily driving commute is generally less than 7 minutes, and that’s if you leave your remote office)

Here are four reasons why you should be considering Ketchikan, Alaska for your new Remote Lifestyle:

1. The Perfect Mix of Near & Far

You may be thinking, Alaska–the Last Frontier. But Ketchikan, with it’s southernmost location in Alaska offers a quick flight to just about anywhere. Of course, we’re hoping you’ll love us so much that you won’t feel the need to leave, but we get it, lots of folks travel. Here, they call it “getting off the rock” and many of us do that with treks to great places like Hawaii, Mexico, Seattle, and more. Need to head to a monthly office meeting? Chances are, you’ll spend less time on the plane than you would have spent in your car.

2. Our Lifestyle, Your Reward

Here, you can be super comfortable in jeans and flannel, all day, everyday. And that doesn’t matter where you are in Ketchikan. Whether it’s a “formal community event” or just hanging out, whatever you wear is totally cool.

Take a jaunt down to one of our many local coffee shops, explore our unique local merchants, grab a quick workout at our world-class indoor water park and rec center, or…just take a hike on one of our dozens of stunning trails.Most of it is walkable, all of it is friendly. (Don’t forget to check out the world-class salmon fishing)

Plus, because Ketchikan is home to a huge number of artists that are internationally known, you’ll never feel like you’re “remote.” It’s a big city arts environment rolled into a friendly small-town atmosphere.

3. We are a COVID safe Community.

We get it, everyone is concerned about COVID. We are too! But Ketchikan has had one of the lowest COVID rates, the highest vaccination rates, and has largely escaped any sort of lockdown mode that you might have experienced in the lower 48. This has all been because our community has diligently come together, and worked together. Our schools are open, the community is safe and open, and you will be safe, too.

4. The Bonus.

We’ll pay you to live here. Well, Ketchikan won’t, but the State of Alaska will! After one year, you’ll be eligible to earn an annual Permanent Fund Dividend. Every Alaskan, man/woman/child receives this every October. This can vary from $800-$2000+ per person. Bonus!


Apply on our website to come take a look. Remember, when you get here, you might find us so friendly when you’re out and about, that it will be hard to leave.

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