2021 Choose Ketchikan Program
Eligibility Terms & Conditions

By submitting an application to the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce “Choose Ketchikan” Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the following:

Application Process:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until fifteen (15) slots have been filled in one calendar year. *Slots are individuals or household units.

Applications are reviewed monthly on the first Monday of each month.

All applicants are contacted by email.

Finalists shall be interviewed via video by the “Choose Ketchikan” Program committee.

In certain circumstances, finalists may be invited to visit Ketchikan for a week-long “workation” where they will experience the community, culture, explore co-working spaces, and learn more about “the basics” that Ketchikan has to offer such as education, healthcare, technology, and housing.

Visiting finalists will be matched with Community Members who are available to offer their expertise in these areas in order to better answer questions.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the “Choose Ketchikan” Program, you must:

– Be over the age of 18.

– Be a domestic US resident or foreign worker of a domestic corporation with full green card status.

– Live outside of Alaska. *Alaska residents are not eligible, but former residents are.

– Provide a W-2 showing earnings of $52,000 per year or more from a full time, remote-eligible employer.

– Must commit to relocating to Ketchikan within 6 months of approval.

– Must commit to volunteering 100 hours over the course of a year to share their talents with students or emerging leaders.

Program Terms & Conditions:

  1. “Program Terms and Conditions” means the Program Terms, Incentive, Eligibility, Application, and Selection Process sections of this website (above), by the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce (GKCOC).
  2. By completing and submitting an application, you: (a) represent and warrant that (i) you have read, and agree to be bound by, the Program Terms and Conditions; (ii) you are eligible to apply for the Program, and (iii) all of the information provided as part of your application is accurate; (b) consent to the use of your name and/or likeness by GKCOC for promotional purposes (whether online, in print or through any other media now known or hereafter developed), without additional compensation or authorization unless prohibited by law; (c) agree to be bound by the interpretation of the Program Terms and Conditions made by GKCOC and all decisions made by GKCOC are final in all matters relating to the Program; (d) agree THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT; (e) agree that submitting an application does not entitle you to any incentive or consideration whatsoever and that a Program Contract must be signed by you and GKCOC before any Program Incentive payments will be made; and (f) agree to release and hold harmless GKCOC, its parent(s), affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (the “Released Parties”) from and against any claim or cause of action arising out of participation or application in the Program or receipt or use of any incentive, including, but not limited to: (i) any technical errors that may prevent an applicant from submitting an entry; (ii) unauthorized human intervention in the Program; (iii) printing errors; (iv) lost, late, postage-due, misdirected, or undeliverable mail or email; (v) errors in the administration of the Program or the processing of applications; or (vi) injury, death, or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from participating in the application and selection process or being a Recipient in the Program.
  3. A Recipient’s rights and obligations under the Program are not assignable, transferable, or descendible by Recipient.
  4. The Program Incentive paid to Recipients is income. No tax withholdings of any kind shall be made, and Recipients will receive an IRS Form 1099. It is the responsibility of Recipients to report the income to the appropriate state and federal tax authorities and to pay any taxes due on such income.
  6. GKCOC shall not engage in prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex (including pregnancy, caregiving, gender identity and sexual orientation), religion, age, disability, veteran or military status, genetic information or any other prohibited discrimination based upon categories and/ or characteristics.